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3 super easy ways for busy moms (who isn’t???) to teach kids about the 3 R’s

1. RECYCLE.  We have 2 different trash cans so the kids can separate trash vs. recycling.  Added bonus: They know the difference between plastic, glass, and aluminum foil.

2. REUSE.  I have them place gently used plastic baggies on the counter to use again.  I also have them go through their old toys to give to charity (some forgotten toys become another’s treasure).  Last,  I get books at the library for the whole family. The kids love the variety.  Added bonus: Most libraries offer free e-book on their websites.

3. REDUCE.  I know it’s hard enough to get them to wash their hands, but I found my kids were wasting so much soap and water (we wash hands A LOT!).  We changed the routine so they can use only one pump of soap and lather up before they turn on the water.  Add bonus: they get much more bubbles doing it this way.

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