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3 easy tips to ship “green” and save money

I hate shipping costs (who doesn’t??) and I really dislike making my consumers pay high ship rates.  So, I did a lot of research and found a few easy ways to go green and save on shipping costs.

1. REUSE OLD BOXES:  I ship my packages in boxes that I’ve received.  I remove the shipping label and reuse.  I created a stamp with my logo saying that it’s a reused box (don’t want my consumers to think they are getting Sees or Zingerman’s when they are really getting a gig).  No one has complained and a few consumers promised to do it themselves.

2. USE KRAFT PAPER INSTEAD OF EXPENSIVE MAILERS:  If you do not have a fragile product, I found a great thick brown KRAFT paper that is USPS approved (LePages or 3M work well).  I wrap my gigs like a present and stamp my branding (so they know who it is coming from).  You have to use more tape to avoid punctures, but it’s 100% recycled paper and 100% post consumer content.  It saves a lot of trees and money because it is light to ship and is a fraction of the cost of mailers!

3. STAMP IT UP: I use stamps for branding to avoid waste and label costs.  BONUS…it spices up a boring brown box or paper.

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