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Toy bins filled with toys?  Your kids bored with the same toys or overwhelmed with too many?  Every 3 months, I follow these 3 steps to keep toys fresh.

1. GO THROUGH TOYS: If your toys bins are overflowing, separate into rotate or upcycle

2. ROTATE: I rotate matchbox cars, superheroes (remember, I have all boys!), board games, etc. every 3 months.  Throw them in a bag/laundry basket and store in closet for 3 months.  After 3 months, swap again. Kids feel like they are getting new, fresh toys every few months.

3. UPCYCLE: Have you heard of Share Our Spare (  It’s been around for 1 year and they connect families in need of children’s clothing, toys and supplies with other families who want to share their new or gently-used items with others.  So next time you have a birthday party, you can ‘adopt’ a family ask guests to donate gently used items (high chair, booster seat, clothes, etc.) or provide a donation to the family.  It’s a fab way to teach kids about other less fortunate families and you are not stuck with 20 more toys that your kids do not really need.

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