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Regifting, Redefining Holiday Traditions, and Eco-Friendly Wrap

Given the economy, environment, and busy schedules, holiday gift-giving can be overwhelming and expensive.  Here are a few ways to lessen the burden and help preserve the environment.

  1. BE HONEST.  If you are going to re-gift, be honest and thoughtful.  Do not pretend that the present is brand new (or you just forgot the gift receipt).  Own up and say that you received this gift and be specific on why you thought they would like it.  Dress it up with fabulous packaging or a hand-written note to make it special.
  2. GIVE YOUR TIME.  Instead of gifts, give your time or expertise.  Think of ways you could help a friend or family member, such as offering to take their family’s holiday picture, cook them a Sunday meal, or volunteer at an organization the family supports.  As an added bonus, you get to spend time with them.
  3. A NEW TRADITION.  My family used to get gifts for every adult in the family and it became cumbersome and expensive.  We now get presents for kids and do fun, silly stocking stuffers for adults.  In lieu of adult presents, my family adopts a low-income senior in the Chicago area.  Find an organization that your family wants to support and make it a team effort.  It is much more fulfilling to give to those that really need it and a great lesson for the kids.
  4. ECO-FRIENDLY WRAPPING.  I have long been a fan of reusing aluminum foil for wrapping (my boys think all cars come in foil) and reusing gift bags and ribbon that I have received.  You can even start a waste-free family tradition by wrapping with reusable cotton gift boxes and reusing them year after year, such as Gift It Green eco-chic cotton gift boxes:)

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